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Speakers offered empowering accountability  Beta Test...

Two 5 minute videos that shall certainly enhance your speaking life! 

Just as a word processor changed the way you write, the Empowering Accountability Software will track people's progress, notice patterns and give a clear picture of what would be most beneficial. Empowering Accountability will add value after you leave a presentation and demonstrate our NSA effectiveness!

I offered several speakers a beta test site, the instruction video for the coaches side is at the following link
The Client side video instructions and demonstration is at the following link 
If you wish to take a step after seeing the demo, we can customize your coaching site!  How much you want to customize depends on your budget and what you can't live without!
Once you see the value we can discuss business details as a beta tester 
The Chapter demos will serve as a great view of the power of the Empowering Accountability Coaching Software

As a speaker, the software bills for you, automatically deposits in your paypal account, and is wonderful in application of what you teach!  The First 100 coaches will get a very special price as we co-create with your ideas and applications. 

If you are not interested for sure please pass it on to one of our colleagues that is certain to benefit, or simply let me know by January 1, 2011. I am confident the 100 beta testers will be glad they started at the beginning!


John Meluso Jr. CSP


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